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Nonton Film Stip & Pensil (2017) Subtitle Indonesia Layarkaca21 KedaiXXI

Stip & Pensil (2017)

Quality: Year: Duration: 98 MinView: 93 views
3 votes, average 6.5 out of 10

Nonton Film Online Stip & Pensil (2017) Subtitle Indonesia IndoXXI, Layarkaca21, Kedai XXI – Toni, Agi, Bubu, and Saras were rich kids whose getting bullied at their school because of their supposed exclusivity. One day they get an essay writing task about social problems. Instead of just writing, they get their act real by establishing a provisional school for poor children who lives in slum village under the bridge. Things aren’t going as smooth as they expected. But from this provisional school, they learn their most valuable experience.

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