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Nonton Film Rafathar (2017) Subtitle Indonesia Layarkaca21

Rafathar (2017)

Genre: Comedy, Family
Quality: Year: Duration: 90 MinView: 52 views
4 votes, average 4.0 out of 10

Nonton Film Online Rafathar (2017) Subtitle Indonesia Layarkaca21 KedaiXXI – Jonny Gold and his partner Popo Palupi were a pair of professional thieves. This time they got a job to kidnap a baby named Rafathar, who adopted by a wealthy family. One thing that they don’t know, that the baby had some superpowers, telekinetic power that can manipulate metals. Things happens on the process of kidnapping, until Rafathar means something to Jonny dan Popo. Their journey slowly unfolds big conspiracies and the origins of Rafathar’s powers.

Language:Bahasa indonesia

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