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Nonton Film Keluarga Cemara (2019) Subtitle Indonesia Movie Online Layarkaca21 KedaiXXI

Keluarga Cemara (2019)

Genre: Drama
Quality: Year: Duration: 110 MinView: 75 views
6 votes, average 8.7 out of 10

Nonton Film Online Keluarga Cemara (2019) Subtitle Indonesia – Tells about Abah and Emak who have to face problems. Then their two children, Euis and Ara must face the new situation that befell their family. Euis who had to change schools and adapt to her new friends, and Abah who had to change jobs. A simple family story full of warmth and affection.

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Tagline:The Most Valuable Treasure is Family
Language:Bahasa indonesia

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