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Nonton Film Di Bawah Lindungan Ka'bah (2011) Subtitle Indonesia Movie Online Layarkaca21 KedaiXXI

Di Bawah Lindungan Ka’bah (2011)

Genre: Drama, History
Quality: Year: Duration: 110 MinView: 58 views

Nonton Film Online Di Bawah Lindungan Ka’bah (2011) Subtitle Indonesia Layarkaca21 INDOXXI KEDAIXXI Growing up in West Sumatra in the 1920s, Hamid and Zainab comes from families from very different social classes.

Hamid is poor, while Zainab is wealthy. Hamid receives a scholarship from Zainab’s father and Hamid’s mother works for Zainab’s family. Hamid and Zainab fall in love and dream of finding a way for society to accept their union, and also to make the pilgrimage to Mecca.

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Language:Bahasa indonesia

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